About PWA

Patagonia Wealth Advisors is the Registered Investment Advisor subsidiary of  Patagonia Financial Holdings

Patagonia Wealth Advisors’ goal is to provide each of our client families with personalized investment strategies, while also overseeing the network of specialized professionals such as tax accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents, needed to truly manage a family’s wealth.





Our Mission

Patagonia Wealth Advisors strives to provide the undivided personal attention of a dedicated family office while delivering the benefits of sharing collaborative ideas and mutual costs of a multi-family office.


Family Office Concept

The family office concept has its roots back in the 6th century.  The modern day concept was developed in 1838 when the family of J.P. Morgan founded the House of Morgan and in 1882 it served as a model for the Rockefeller’s family office which survives today.

In the 1980s and 90s rapid technology developments within the financial markets and the consolidation of the financial services industry eroded the ability of bank trust departments to provide the level of services wealthy families had traditionally turned to them for.  As these families began to seek out alternative arrangements for wealth management, the multi-family office concept took hold.  The multi-family office concept allows several families to benefit from the team of dedicated specialists today’s markets demand while defraying the high operating costs and regulatory burdens of the traditional family office.

Our Services

Patagonia Wealth Advisors provides a suite of services which are tailored to specific the needs of each of our families. Our services include:

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